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company description:china faucet manufacturers YOROOW bathroom is focus on the domestic market provide Intermediate or high-grade faucet, shower and other bathroom hardware manufacturers and also for the international market to provide OEM. They own "YOROOW" brand, has been for high-end real estate, home improvement market, star hotels, senior clubs to provide sanitary products. Bathroom market in China..



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The support of partners, let us be full of gratitude, forward
The future we will be more efforts, dedicated to provide customers with better products and services!!
They are buying our Faucet more

4F:Production Process

Yoroow workshop of each faucet, after 100% of the test water.
Yoroow use of high-quality raw materials, strict implementation of the internal quality control system. !
A. Casting
copper raw materials are been copper alloy smelting in the smelting equipment resistance furnace. when copper comes to a ...
Set the CNC machine parameters, the faucets body has been thread cutting through the CNC machine to make the faucets blank to ...
C. Polishing
First prepare the polishing tools , abrasive and belt, and do a good job of setting machine. Do the faucets rough ...
First equipped with the assembly tools and components to begin assembling, which include removable assembly ...
D.Pressure test
After faucets finishing products into the warehouse, the finished inspector would do the sampling check. The test items include: casting ...
After faucets finishing products check done, the faucets have been packaging includes bag, pearl cotton bag , double bag ...


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